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About the Author

It’s all in the eyes!

The Author, Barry Dunn lives in Sydney, Australia, with his wife and children.
The Adventures of Paddy and Seamus started life as a nightly story telling time when I ran out of books to read to my young son. Having exhausted Enid Blyton’s The Magic Faraway Tree and The Wishing Chair books (a number of times over) and finding that the Hobbit was a bit too serious and advanced, I started to make up my own tales.
I wanted to give my son a fantasy story that had the elements that I so enjoyed in fantasy adventures. I wanted fantastic places with weird creatures and characters that were different and most importantly, fun. And I wanted to give him the continuity of characters and worlds that comes with sequels and prequels, where the characters feel like old friends.
Every night at bed time the story would pick up where it had left off the night before and would always start with “When we last left our heroes”, followed by a quick reminder of where the story was up to.
Since those early story telling nights the simple fairy tale has evolved and a whole world has been populated with odd and wonderful creatures that have grown around the original story. And like the tales from those authors I have loved so dearly (Brooks, Eddings, Feist, Salvatore and of course Tolkien) the stories have grown to fill a number of books.
The Secrets of the Boggy Marsh is the first in a series of five books, telling one continuous story. The Adventures of Paddy and Seamus continues in the second book, The Broken Angel, where the secrets discovered in the Boggy Marsh start to unravel.
I am currently busy writing the third book in the series, Closing the Gap, which see the characters facing into the consequences of all that has gone before.
As always seems to happen with fantasy tales, the stories get bigger and more involved with each new book. And so it is with the Adventures of Paddy and Seamus, with book three now being larger than books one and two combined. Book three is almost complete and will be released early in 2017.