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The adventures begin; The village of Damanta Mallaithe is home to outcasts, exiles and those who need a place to hide. Everyone here has a past and secrets to keep. The village is run by Glute, a six foot, telepathic slug who enforces the one rule of the village; never ask about your neighbors past or what it was that caused them to be exiled. A short walk to the east of the village lies Boggy Marsh, a dark, dangerous and fog bound swamp that is a prison to the evil folk of the land. No one who has gone into Boggy Marsh has ever come out again. On a bright autumn morning, Paddy and Seamus and Mr. Elf (a winged elf from the mysterious Aelfin) are lured into Boggy Marsh to find the pot of gold at the end of an astonishingly beautiful rainbow. Beset by the inmates of the swamp the companions find unexpected help in the form of the newly hatched invisibility bird, Mody. Captured by the witch Hag Head, the companions find themselves working to complete tasks at her bidding and end up accepting a quest that will lead them to their destiny. But first they have to escape from Boggy Marsh, while being pursued by an angry Dragon and her minions, the Fugglies. The Secrets of the Boggy Marsh is the first in a series of new fantasy adventure stories. Populated with unusual characters and creatures, all have secrets that bind them without their knowing it.