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The adventures continue; Join Paddy and Seamus on a fantastic fun filled journey through a strange and dangerous world. At least, it would be fun filled for them, if the forces of evil weren’t trying to capture them and the Aelfin master race weren’t trying to kill them because of some age-old prophecy. The day after returning from Boggy Marsh, Paddy and Seamus are forced to flee their home in Damanta Mallaithe. Accompanied by old friends and new they travel through Mirkenwood and cross the Dwarven Mountains to search for Mody’s mother and her people. Between them and their goal are Hell Cats, Mirken, an insane Dwarf, Dragons and the Aelfin. Attacked at every turn, the companions must use all their cunning and magic to battle through the enemies arrayed against them. Meanwhile, the Demon Lord Bajii, made bold by the weakening of the barriers between realms, launches attacks on both Hag Head in Boggy Marsh and the Aelfin in their ancestral home. To survive the journey the companions will have to learn to trust each other and to reveal secrets that strike to the very heart of who and what they are. With the odds this stacked against them can Paddy and Seamus ever return Mody to her people?