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Updated version of book 1 released

With book 3 so close to completion, I thought it would be a good idea to review book 1. The lovely thing about ebooks is that an author can release updates whenever they like. So, I have just spent a good amount of time reviewing and updating book 1. Why would an author do that? some might ask. Well, I intend to release books 1 to 3 together as a compendium. To do so, the writing style, tone, syntax etc need to be compatible. I also wanted to make sure that nothing contradictory was going on between books.

End result: A completely reviewed, polished and updated book 1 is being put through the distribution process right now and will be available at all good ebook retailers over the next few days.

Over the coming weeks, I will give book 2 a similar review and polish. I will add a post when this is done.


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